5 [This is not Patripassianism. Nor does the "one God" of the next chapter involve this heresy.]

6 [Here ends the apologetic portion.]

7 Scil. "capite," conjectural for "cavete."

8 [Or, "shadows forth Himself."]

9 "Eusebius tells of another Enoch, who was not translated without seeing death." - Rig. [See Gen. iv. 17, 18. S.]

10 Et inde secunda terribilem legem primo cum pace revincit. - Davis, conjecturally.

11 [See Elucidation at end.]

12 [The translator here inserts a mark of interrogation. The meaning is: lick up them (the wicked) who have persecuted them. Dan. iii. 22.]

13 [Rev. iii. 14.]

14 [Catechumens falling away before baptism must not despair, but persevere and remain under discipline.]

15 Or, "If one prophet only had cried out to the world."

16 Sponte profectos.

17 Deperdunt.

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