208 In Justin Martyr, in the place above quoted, these lines are joined to the preceding. They are also quoted by Eusebius, but differently arranged. The translation adopts the arrangement of Grotius.

209 Isa. lxv. 24.

210 These lines are quoted by Justin (De Monarchia [vol. i. p. 291, this series]), but ascribed by him part to Philemon, part to Euripides.

211 Ascribed by Justin to Sophocles.

212 Adopting the reading kei=noj instead of kaino/j in the text.

213 Quoted in Exhortation, p. 193.

214 Isa. lxvi. 1.

215 Isa. lxiv. 1, 2; xl. 12.

216 [On the Orphica, see Lewis' Plato cont. Ath., p. 99.]