18 The text is corrupt and unintelligible. It has been restored as above.

19 In some lost tragedy.

20 Said by Ajax of the sword received from Hector, with which he killed himself.

21 The imitator of Thucydides, said to be weaker but clearer than his model. He is not specially clear here.

22 The text has, a0sfale/stera para\ do/can kai\ kakopragi/an: for which Lowth reads, e0pisfale/stera pro\j kakopragi/an, as translated above.

23 Iliad, xxiv. 44, 45. Clement's quotation differs somewhat from the passage as it stands in Homer.

24 The text has doi/h, which Stobaeus has changed into d' i!sh, as above. Stobaeus gives this quotation as follows:-

Each good thing has its nature legitimate."

25 As no play bearing this name is mentioned by any one else, various conjectures have been made as to the true reading; among which are Clymene Temenos or Temenides.

26 Odyss., xiv. 187.

27 [See, supra, book ii. cap. ii. p. 242.] In Theognis the quotation stands thus:-

It with discretion, 'tis not bad, but good."

28 From Jupiter's address (referring to Pandora) to Prometheus, after stealing fire from heaven. The passage in Hesiod runs this:-

All will delight their heart, embracing their own bane."

29 Translated as arranged by Grotius.