35 yudno/j=yudro/j-which, however, occurs nowhere but here-is adopted as preferable to yedno/j (bald), which yields no sense, or yuxro/j. Sylburgius ms.. Paris; Ruhnk reads yudro/j.

36 A mistake for Herodotus.

37 Instead of Maraqwni/tai, as in the text, we read from Thucydides Maraqw=ni/ te.

38 Puti/h (not, as in the text, Poiti/nh, a flask covered with plaited osiers. The name of a comedy by Cratinus (Liddell and Scott's Lexicon). [Elucidation I.]

39 Iliad, xii. 322, Sarpedon to Glaucus.

40 Grotius's correction has been adopted, e0ggu/aj de\ zami/a, instead of e\ggu/a de\ zami/aj.

41 In the text before In Hexameters we have thrh/sei, which has occasioned much trouble to the critics. Although not entirely satisfactory, yet the most probable is the correction qe/lousi, as above.

42 Iliad, xvii. 53.

43 i.e., Polyphemus, Odyss., ix. 372.

44 According to the correction of Casaubon, who, instead of a0raro/twj of the text, reads 'Ararw/j. Others ascribed the comedy to Aristophanes himself.