136 Acts vi. and vii.

137 One V. ms. has the following note: "Bartholomew preached the Gospel according to Matthew to the Indians, who also has been buried in India."

138 Ex. xv. 20; Judg. iv. 4; Luke ii. 36; 2 Kings xxii. 14.

139 2 Cor. vii. 1.

140 One V ms. has the following note: "Thomas preached to the Parthians, Medes, Persians, Germans, Hyrcanians, Bactrians, Bardians, who also, having been a martyr, lies in Edessa of Osdroene."

141 The words "for you the bishops" are omitted in the Oxford ms.

142 [See vol. v. Elucidation XIV. p. 417.]

143 Num. iii.; 1 Chron. vi.

144 The Oxford ms. has no part of this chapter. It reads: "A reader is appointed when the bishop gives him a book; for there is no imposition of hands."

145 Neh. viii.

146 The Coptic reads, "let him be ordained."

147 1 Tim. v. 8.

148 1 Cor. vii. 25.

149 The two V. mss. have the following note: "Thaddaeus, also called Lebbaeus, and who was surnamed Judas the Zealot, preached the truth to the Edessenes and the people of Mesopotamia when Abgarus ruled over Edessa, and has been buried in Berytus of Phoenicia."

150 Judith xvi. 21, 23.

151 Luke ii. 36, etc.

152 The Coptic has, "let him be ordained."

153 Ch. xxvii., xxviii., xxx.-xxxiv., and ch. xlii.-xlvii., occur in Syriac and Coptic, as well as in the Greek mss.

154 One V. ms. has the following note: "Simon the Canaanite, preacher of the truth, is crowned with martyrdom in Judea in the reign of Domitian."

155 The words from "concerning" to "constitution" are omitted in the Oxford ms., in Syriac, and Coptic.

156 This chapter is not found in the Coptic and Syriac. One V. ms. has the following note: "Matthew (probably a mistake for Matthias) taught the doctrines of Christ in Judea, and was one of the seventy disciples. After the ascension of Christ he was numbered with the twelve apostles, instead of Judas, who was the betrayer. He lies in Jerusalem."

157 Ps. civ. 15.

158 The Oxford ms. reads: "I the same, Simon the Canaanite, make a constitution."

159 "Deacons" omitted in Oxford ms. and in Coptic.

160 "Two," Oxford ms.

161 "One," Oxford ms.

162 One V. ms. has the following instead of the title: "Paul, the teacher of the Gentiles, having proclaimed the Gospel of Christ to the Gentiles from Jerusalem even to Illyricum, was cut off in Rome while teaching the truth, by Nero and King Agrippa, being beheaded, and has been buried in Rome itself."

163 [Note this uniform testimony of antiquity against theatricals in all forms.]

164 [Purveyors to the play-house.]

165 Luke iii. 14.

166 [Compare vol. v. p. 130, note 1.]

167 John vi. 45.

168 Eph. vi.; Col. iv.; Philem.

169 The Coptic adds, "the holy mother of God."

170 [Compare vol. iii. pp. 164, 352.]

171 One V. ms., Coptic, and Syriac omit "first."

172 The Syriac and Coptic add: "and His side being wounded, blood and water came forth."

173 Matt. xviii. 20. [A token that much of these constitutions is truly primitive.]

174 2 Cor. vi. 14. [Compare p. 483, supra: Energumens?]

175 The words from "I, James" to "ordain thus" are omitted in the V mss., and the following words are given instead in the two V. mss.: "James, the brother of the Lord, has been killed with stones (the other ms. reads, `with sticks 0') by the Jews in Jerusalem on account of the doctrines of Christ." Ch. xxxv.-xli. are omitted in the Oxford ms., and in Syriac and Coptic.