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1 [A Lavabo: he prepares himself by the prayer for purification.]

2 [Here is a token of theological but legitimate interpolation.]

3 [On the lawful and unlawful additions to these liturgies, see Hickes' Christian Priesthood (Oxford, 1847), p. 151.]

4 This is addressed to the priest. Some translate, "O Lord, bless us." [This latter is the more primitive idea.]

5 [The Lesser Entrance with the Holy Gospels.]

6 [The Theotoce or Deipara. Of course, added after the Council of Chalcedon.]

7 [See a specimen of the unlimited capacity for extension of these prayers, in vol. v. p. 412, Elucidation VI., this series.]

8 [At great length. Cf. Justin Martyr, vol. i. p. 186, this series.]

9 [The reading of the Scriptures in the common tongue is a very precious part of the daily offices in the East.]

10 [Frequent Amens are to be supposed.]

11 [Here there is an evident interpolation, not Mariolatrous, yet not primitive, as follows:]- The Priest. Commemorating with all the holy and just, our all-holy, pure, most glorious Lady, the God-mother, and ever-virgin Mary, let us devote ourselves, and one another, and our whole life, to Christ our God. The People. To Thee, Lord.