10 This is reprinted in full in Mansi, and fromm him in Migne's Pat. Lat., Tom. XCVIII. col. 1299, et seqq. Cardinal Bellarmine's refutation is also found in Migne's Charlemagne, and in Labbe and Cossart, Tom. VII., of the Concilia.

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12 The definition of faith says: "also we confess that the Seventh Holy and Ecumenical synod, which met in Nice for the second time, taught in accordance with orthodoxy, etc." (Labbe and Cossart, Concilia, Tom. VIII., col. 1147.)

13 For which Baronius condemns him in his Annales, a.d. 869.

1 The reader may remember that when it was proposed in a first draft to the Council of Trent to say the "Psalms of David,"the Fathers refused to pass it as proposed, because the Psalter contained Psalms not by David, and substituted the expression "The Davidic Psalter" (Psalterium Davidicum").

2 Matthieu de Larroque. Observationes

et in Annot. Bev.in Can. Apost. 1674.

3 It is most unfortunate that the Rev. A. B. Grosart, LL D., in the article "Beveridge" in that usually accurate and learned work. the Dictionary of English Biography. should have written "regretting" this republication of the Vindicatio, on the ground that Bp Beveridge in its pages "demonstrates that he lacked the instincts of the genuine scholar as distinguished from the merely largely read man !." There seem to be a great many soidisant "genuine scholars" who lack all sense of humour!

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8 The Latin caption is "The Ecclesiastical Rules of the Holy Apostles, set forth by Clement, Pontiff of the Roman Church."

1 The numbering which I have followed is Hammond's, but, where it differs from that given by Hefele, I have placed Hefele's numbering in parenthesis. With Hefele agree Van Espen and Bruns (in his alternative numbering) and Johnson's marginal numbering. The numbering that Johnson himself follows is that of Cotelrius.

2 The text here varies.