1 Hefele says (Hist. Councils.. Vol. II., p. 428) that Vagiensem not Bagagensem is the true reading.

1 Nine, in some mss.

2 In the Greek this is made part of the last sentence, and for "Of" it reads "for the sake of" (diav).

1 i.e. Carthage. Migne reads "of that Church" and differs in what follows.

1 Vide Kraus. Real. Encyclopedie.

2 The text is corrupt and the Greek and Latin do not agree in many places.

3 In the Greek, "The acts of the present synod have not been written out here in full, etc."

4 The Greek text here is much to be preferred, "wherefore a brief synopsis of what was studiously enacted in this synod is here set forth."

1 The Latin text here is certainly corrupt.