CIMRM 1 - Coins of Mithra, India

From: Coins of India.1. Mithra is the figure on the right.

The source page gives a wide selection of the coins of Kanishka, with excellent commentary. The coins of Huvishka are here. These both include several gold coins depicting Mithra.

The CIMRM image:


Note that CIMRM 1 also exists in a version depicting Helios. The name of the deity changes, but the coin is otherwise identical.

Most of the coins of "Mithra" are similar to CIMRM 1.

A look at the coins of Huvishka indicates that CIMRM 2, supposedly of Mithra, is in fact a depiction of the goddess Ardochsho, goddess of plenty, with the wrong inscription. Compare it with the following image:

Cumont adds: "It is probable that the word 'MIORO', written on one side, is simply a mistake by the engraver."2

I was unable to locate a copy of CIMRM 3-6.

Here is Cumont's photographs of 7 coins:

Cumont introduces the coins as follows: "On the coins of the Scythian kings Kanerkes and Hooerkes, who reigned over Kabul and the North-West of India between 87 and 129 A.D., may be found the image of Mithra along with those of other Iranian, Greek or Hindu deities. Although the religious beliefs circulating in these remote countries certainly had no direct connection with the mysteries known in the west, the coin types deserve our entire attention: these are the only representations of Mithra found outside the Roman world."3

CIMRM entry

1Coins of India have a sensible copyright policy. It may be found here.
2TMMM II, p.187, note.
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