CIMRM 1138 - Lion-head of statue from Bonn

From: Hübner in Jahrbuch des Vereins von Altertumsfreunden im Rheinlande1 LVIII, 1876, 147ff and Pl. VIII, 1 (Online here).

CIMRM entry.


Fragment of a statue in greyish sandstone (H. 0.245). Formerly at Bonn, now at Frankfurt. Found at Heddernheim in Roman Terms.

Hübner in JVA LVIII, 1876, 154 and Pl. VIII, 2; Hettner, Katalog No. 221; MMM II 381 No. 254 and fig. 294; RRS III 141,7. See fig. 295.

Upper part of the naked body of Aion with lion's head. In his upraised l.h. he holds a key; his r. arm is broken off at the shoulder. In his mouth traces of red colour. A piece of iron at the back was meant to attach it to a wall.

1See also Bonner Jahrbücher.

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