CIMRM 1291 - Mithraeum (undiscovered). Osterburken, Austria.

In 1861 a Mithraeum was discovered at Osterburken in Austria. An impressive tauroctony - one of the key monuments known - was found, together with two altars, plus two small lamps, pottery remains, and fragments of coloured decoration from the walls. The excavation was abandoned when a spring was disturbed and filled the excavation with water.

CIMRM entry

Cumont gives more details.1

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There are some more bibliographic details in the page for the relief, CIMRM 1292.

  • Stark, Zwei Mithraen der Grossh. Althertümersammlung in Karlsruhe, Festschrift der Heidelberger Philologenversammlung, 1865.

1TMMM vol. 2, p.348 (i.e. monument 246).
2Translation by RP.

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