CIMRM 1767 - Aquincum IV: Mithraeum of Symphorus and Marcus. Hungary.

Sanctuary at left with benches either side. From: Wikimedia

From: Wikimedia

Upcoming project in Aquincum, 2017. From: Twitter.

Excavation 2017, from Twitter.

Excavating an early Roman well below the so-called Symphorus mithraeum in Aquincum. By Orsolya Láng. From Twitter. 2018

The "Mithraeum of Symphorus and Marcus" is Mithraeum IV at Aquincum, so called from the inscription on the base of the cult statue (CIMRM 1768, 1769). The Mithraeum is directly opposite the museum on the site.1

In 2017 the site was reexcavated: the museum account tweeted: "Excavation has begun in advance of reconstructing the Symphorus Mithraeum, during which the rest of the earlier temple will come to surface."

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1Philip Parker, The empire stops here: a journey along the frontiers of the Roman world, p.189.

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