CIMRM 1896 - Two-sided relief. Tauroctony, Mithraic communion. Nr. Konjic, Bosnia


From: here. By Leics.

Reproduction. Mainz, Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum (Original Sarajevo, Zemaljski Muzej Bosne i Hercegovine) From here.


Konjic or Konjica.

The reverse of this monument shows Mithraic initiates at a ritual meal, dressed in their costumes. It is widely reproduced, but the trail can be difficult to follow.

Cumont gives a picture here: TMMM vol.I p.175, fig. 10. On p.176 is the explanation that it is a relief discovered "recently in Bosnia" with reference "Publié par M. Karl Patsch, Mithraeum u Konjicu (G1asnik zemalisk. Muzeja u Bosni i Hercegovini) Sarajevo 1897, pl. III. Cette reprélsentation est figurée au revers d'un bas-relief de Mithra tauroctone."

The item appears again in "The Mysteries of Mithras" (1903), fig. 38, "Mithraic Communion. Bas-relief of Konjica" on p.159, with the caption: "Mithraic communion. At the left the Raven and the Persian; at the right the Soldier and the Lion (Fragment of a bas-relief recently discovered in Konjica, Bosnia). T. et M. Introduction, p.175." On p.160 it adds, "A curious bas-relief recently published shows us the spectacle of this sacred repast (Fig. 38). Before two persons stretched upon a couch covered with pillows is placed a tripod bearing four tiny loaves of bread, each marked with a cross. Around them are grouped the initiates of the different orders, and one of them, the Persian, presents to the two a drinking-horn; whilst a second vessel is held in the hands of one of the Participants."

The item reappears in M. Vermaseren's "Mithras: the secret god" (1963), fig. 36, "Meal of the Mithraists", on p.102. On p.101 he states: "On the Konjic relief, the Raven and Lion, both wearing the masks of their grade, serve food and drink (Fig. 36), which in these scenes consists of bread, fruit and sometimes fish." This is the fig. 36 line-drawing given:

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