CIMRM 1938 - Tauroctony. Apulum / Alba Iulia, Arad, Romania.

Csaba Szabó, 2014. From:

This item was discovered in 1905 in Apulum (Alba Iulia, Gyulafehérvár) by Béla Cserni, but was thought to be lost. It was in fact still in the Museum of Arad as noted by Vermaseren. The relief was rediscovered by Csaba Szabó, who traced its modern history and published it properly with photographs in 2014. He determined that it was found in Marospartos (Partoş – Colonia Aurelia Apulensis) where it was used as a bench in front of a house. He also located the photograph originally sent to Cumont, and discovered that "CIMRM 1986" is in fact the same monument.

CIMRM entry


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