CIMRM 2033 - Small finds from Sarmizegetusa, Dacia.

A number of small finds were discovered at the excavation of the Mithraeum at Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa in 1886 by Kiraly Pal. This remained, until 2013, the only excavation of a Mithraeum in Transylvania. But the publication was in a monograph in Hungarian, which focused more on the cult than the archaeology. The small finds were published sporadically in this and subsequent papers.

A new paper on these by Csaba Szabó is now accessible online.1 This gives a handlist of the finds, a map of the locations where they were found, and better quality images.

CIMRM entry


1Csaba Szabó, "Notes on the Mithraic small finds from Sarmizegetusa", Ziridava: Studia Archaeologica 28 (2014), p.135-148. Online here.

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