CIMRM 274 - Two side-pieces of a tauroctony. Mithraeum of the "Planta Pedis", Ostia, Italy.

See also: CIMRM 272 Mithraeum; 273 Marble slab with inscription; 274 Tauroctony side-pieces; 275 Circular basin; 276 Fragmentary inscription; 277 Coin of Valerian.

The two side-pieces. By Roger Pearse, May 2013

Luna. By Roger Pearse, May 2013

Sol. By Roger Pearse, May 2013

These two items are held in the Ostia museum, where they are unlabelled. However they stand next to the Mithras exhibits. They seem to be portions of a small tauroctony. One is Sol, with his rayed crown, the other is Luna.

Casts of the two are in position at the Mithraeum itself.

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