CIMRM 339-340 - Altar. San Clemente, Rome

See also: CIMRM 338 Mithraeum; 339-340 Altar and inscription; 341 Cippus and inscription; 342 Fragments of torchbearers; 343 Sol; 344 Rock-birth; 345 "The good shepherd"; 346 Sacrificial bones; 347-348 Inscriptions.

From here.

From here.

Left-side of altar: Cautopates.1

From: Nolan, Basilica of S. Clemente, 1914, p.242. Note that the square marble plate from the top of the altar is missing from these early photos, but they give a good picture of all four sides.

Photo of plaster cast in lower church. From: here. By Claudia Porcel. Note that the lower church is normally kept very dark.

On a personal visit in May 2013, I found that a plaster cast of the lower part of the altar was standing in the lower church. The following images were found here. They appear to be photographs of the plaster cast. The top of the cast was broken when I saw it, revealing chicken-wire across the top.2

Number of entries: 4

CIMRM entry

(The CIMRM does not make it quite clear that 340 is the inscription on 339.)

1Postcards of the altar on sale at the basilica of San Clemente reveal that the image at the top is indeed the left, looking at the front, and is indeed coloured. The figure of Cautes on the right of the altar is no longer coloured in any way.
2Notes from personal visit in May 2013.

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