CIMRM 341 - Marble cippus with inscription. San Clemente, Rome

See also: CIMRM 338 Mithraeum; 339-340 Altar and inscription; 341 Cippus and inscription; 342 Fragments of torchbearers; 343 Sol; 344 Rock-birth; 345 "The good shepherd"; 346 Sacrificial bones; 347-348 Inscriptions.

From Roller, Revue archelogique 1872, pl.XVI. Online here (p.81 of PDF), in top right of map of Mithraeum.

See also H. Dessau, "Inscriptiones Latinae Selectae", Berlin 1892-1916, no. 04255.

From here: labelled "a view of the outer chamber of the temple" here. By Ken Pennington.

See CIMRM 338 for a plan showing this chamber in which the cippus stands.

In May 2013, this item was not in that chamber, labelled "the Mithraic school" , but had been moved into the Mithraeum, where an amphora was being leaned against it.1

CIMRM entry

1R.Pearse, Personal observation on visit to San Clemente.

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