CIMRM 343 - Sol. San Clemente, Rome

See also: CIMRM 338 Mithraeum; 339-340 Altar and inscription; 341 Cippus and inscription; 342 Fragments of torchbearers; 343 Sol; 344 Rock-birth; 345 "The good shepherd"; 346 Sacrificial bones; 347-348 Inscriptions.

From: Nolan, The Basilica of S. Clemente, 1914, p.113: "Near it" (CIMRM 344) "is the marble bust of the Sun-god. Both pieces of sculpture were found in the Temple of Mithras; and to the temple of Mithras, now happily delivered from the waters which for forty years had inundated it, these interesting pieces of sculpture are now about to be restored."

CIMRM entry

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