CIMRM 472, 473, 474, 475 - Three inscriptions in Greek from the Aventine, Rome.

CIMRM entry

CIMRM 473; IGUR1 106.

To Zeus Helios great unconquerable Mithras and the deities dwelling with him were given two bronze lamps, each with six wicks, by Castus father and Castus son, holy 'Raven', and dedicated with the following attendants: L. Saturius Sporus, and Pactumeius Lausus, Fathers, Modestus, Paralius, Agathemerus, Felix, Apamenius, Keloidi (?), Lions.[2]

1. Castus and Castus seem to be kin, though the first Castus might also be a Mithraic Father. 2. 'Lions' is in larger letters, indicating that the previous six men were all members of this important grade.2

"To Zeus Helios unconquerable Mithras, Castus Father and Castus son, holy Raven."3

"To Zeus Helios Mithras Phanes, by the priest and Father Venustus together with the attendants of the god."4

This third item is AE4,83 = IGUR 108.5

1IGUR = L. Moretti, Inscriptiones Graecae Urbis Romae, I, Romae 1968.
2All this material from Mary Beard, John North, and Simon Price, Religions of Rome, vol. 2, p.309: "12.5 The Mysteries of Mithras". Referencing "a marble slab from Rome, vol. 1, map 3, no. 36". Online here.
3Translated RP. Does DII in both 473 and 474 not really mean "to the god", rather than referring to Zeus?
4Translated M. Vermaseren, "Mithras the Secret God", p.140.
5Jorg Rupke, Fasti sacerdotum, p.1360: "Venustus (1)". Rupke states that the monument is probably 3rd century A.D.

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