CIMRM 480 - Upper-layer: South wall paintings. The procession of the seven grades. Santa Prisca, Rome, Italy.


Overview: all the upper-level paintings.

There are paintings on the walls. The original ones date to ca. 200. Then new ones were painted over them ca. 220 AD.

The paintings are badly damaged, mostly by damp pushing the stucco off the walls. The sections higher up the walls are firmer. There is also axe damage.

Each wall is painted white, with a red border. On this appear various figures.

The upper layer depicts a procession of members of the seven grades of initiates, from the large cult niche, down to the throne.1

Start of procession of the seven grades: showing figs 1-4. The Pater is seated at left, facing the Heliodromus, the Perses, and the Leo. From: here.

View of cult niche with painting of Pater on the right. From here.

CIMRM entry

1Vermaseren-van Essen, p.155.

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