CIMRM 607 - Tauroctony, broken top and right. Rome, now Boston.

From: Flickr. By jere7my. Note that there do appear to be traces of colouring, contra Vermaseren, as the photo shows.

From Murley, p.545. A much larger image is accessible at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts website.

A splendid tauroctony of carrara marble, said to have been found at Rome near the Ponte Palatino and donated to the Boston MFA in 1892.

Roman, Imperial Period, about A.D. 125-175 Height x width: 65 x 85 cm (25 9/16 x 33 7/16 in.) Marble, from Carrara in northwest Italy. Accession Number: 92.2692. On view: Roman Art - 213.

By date unknown: with Edward Perry Warren (according to Sculpture in Stone: from Rome; said to have been found near the Ponte Palatino, in the river bed or bank); gift of Edward Perry Warren to MFA, September 1892.

According to Murley, Published by Cumont ("1959, 24").

CIMRM entry


James Murley, "The impact of Edward Perry Warren on the study and collections of Greek and Roman Antiquities in American academia", Diss. U.of.Louisville 2012. p.309-310 and 545 (pl. 147). Online here.

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