CIMRM 809 - Inscription on broken altar. Isca (Carleon), Britain

From Flickr by Carole Raddato. Caerleon, National Roman Legion Museum.

Lee, 1862.

From: Flickr. I was unable to work out who the image belongs to.

From Twitter. Probably by @terilee007.

According to this site, the inscription is RIB 322.

"An altar was found in one of the sets of baths just outside the legionary fortress at Caerleon dedicated by a soldier of the Second legion."1

The National Roman Legion Museum at Caerleon plaque states: "To the invicible Mithras, the well deserving, [...]s Justus, [...] of the Second Augustan Legion, set this up." The Mithraeum would have stood outside the fortress, but its site has yet to be located.

TMMM entry

CIMRM entry

I.e.: "To the unconquered god Mithras ...s Justus, centurion of the II Legion Augusta, dedicates this freely as is right."

John Edward Lee, Isca silurum, or, An illustrated catalogue of the Museum of Antiquities at Caerleon, Longman, 1862, p.11-12:

(J.J. is John Jenkins).

From: Lapidarium Walliae (1876-9), p.213 and plate 91, no. 3.:

1C. M. Daniels, "The Roman army and the spread of Mithraism" in: Mithraic Studies (1975) vol. 1, ed. J. R. Hinnells, p.268.

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