CIMRM 819 - Fragment of circular plaque. Walbrook Mithraeum, London, Britain

See also: CIMRM 810-811 Tauroctony; 812 Cloaked figure; 813 Oceanus; 814 Mithraeum; 815 Mithras head; 816 Cautopates fragment; 817 Torso of deity; 818 Serapis head + 2 hands; 819 Circular plaque; 820 Minerva head; 821 Mercury statuette; 822-823 Dionysius, Silenus statue; 824 Sandstone bowl; 825 Inscription; 826 Inscription; Supp. Silver box + strainer; Pottery; Lead bull;

Incomplete roundel from Bacchic or Castores temple. The plaque represents a female figure. Found in 1954 in a post-hole in masonry against the inner face of an outer wall of the Temple of Mithras.

CIMRM entry

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