CIMRM 831 - Torchbearer(?). White Friars, Chester, Britain

Plate from Richmond-Wright catalogue (1955).

Illustration from Watkin (1886), p.191.

See also CIMRM 830 and CIMRM 832.

CIMRM 831 is accessioned as CHEGM: 1999.6.169 (Haverfield's 169). It was found built into a cellar wall in White Friars in 1853. The museum state: "This is currently listed as 'unlocated' on the museum database but we have recently moved our stones to a more accessible store and have not had chance to fully check and catalogue them since this move. Once we do we will be able to state whether this stone has been lost in antiquity or whether it is still in our care."1

The correct details may be found in the Richmond-Wright catalogue (1955), entry 169 (and see plate, left):

The entry in the CIMRM is correct for this item:

Haverfield's entry (1900) reads:

Cumont reproduces Haverfield's illustration.

Watkin's entry (1886):


1Private email, May 2014.

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