CIMRM 832 - Possible shepherd. White Friars, Chester, Britain

Grosvenor Museum. August 2013. By Roger Pearse.

Caption from Grosvenor museum. August 2013. By Roger Pearse.

Richmond-Wright catalogue (1955) illustration.

Another photo by RP.

By D.A. - Caerhun, 2014.

The two monuments on display in Chester Grosvenor museum in 2014.

See also CIMRM 830 and CIMRM 831.

In the Grosvenor museum in Chester is a stone with a figure bearing a shepherd's crook. It is probably Attis, rather than Mithras, and was found at Whitefriars, close to 169.

CIMRM 832 is accessioned as CHEGM: 1999.6.170 (Haverfield's 170). It was found built into a cellar wall in White Friars in 1851. This was subsequently identified as Attis, the Shepherd. This is on display at the Grosvenor Museum.

The Richmond-Wright catalogue (1955) entry reads:

Haverfield's catalogue entry reads:

Cumont, TMMM II, p.391 (mon.269b, fig. 308) simply reproduces Haverfield's image.

Note: It looks to me as if a better set of photographs needs to be obtained. Vermaseren can never have seen this item; nor Cumont either. The Grosvenor Museum boasts a collection of "tombstones"; no doubt these items are among them.

CIMRM entry

A figure with a crook sounds more like Attis to me. - RP.

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