CIMRM 844 - The Carrawburgh Mithraeum, Britain.

From: Flickr. By Alun Salt, 2005.

From Image of unknown authorship.

From: Flickr by the Armatura press. General view of the site. The Mithraeum is outside the fort at the bottom.

From: CIMRM.

"Carrawburgh" seems to be spelled "Carrawbrough" on modern maps, and is the name of a nearby farm. The ancient name is Brocolitia or Procolitia.

CIMRM entry


  • I. A. Richmond and J. P. Gillam, "The Temple of Mithras at Carrawburgh" Archaeol. Ael.,4 XXIX (1951), pp. 1 ff. the excavation report.1

1Reference from Boon on the Caernarvon Mithraeum, p.172.

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