CIMRM 851 - Other finds including iron altar shovel. Carrawburgh, Britain.

From: TW Museums. A selection of Carrawburgh finds are on display. These include a portion of the wattle and daub, made by a woven lattice of wooden strips being daubed with a sticky material (usually made of some combination of wet soil, clay, sand, animal dung and straw). Below is an iron shovel which would have been used by Lion-grade members to tend the sacred flame. Full size image

By TW Museums. Samian ware moratorium decorated with a lion motif. Most likely used in ritual libations by members of the Lion class.

A few objects found at Carrowbrough Mithraeum, now in the @GNM_Hancock. By Lynn Bridgett‏ @OULass 14 Nov 2017, from Twitter.

From the source site, by Flora M. Kirk:

CIMRM entry

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