CIMRM 89 - Tauroctony and inscription. Sî`, Syria.

From E. Will, Nouveaux monuments sacrés de la Syrie romaine, Syria vol. 29 (1952), p.60-73. Plate VI, 2. This is merely a detail of the monument.

There is no photograph in the CIMRM. The entry below by Vermaseren, based on Will's article, introduces a couple of mistakes. CIMRM 88 shows the left torchbearer; E. Will states that this monument shows the right torchbearer. The two monuments are by the same hand. This one must have been found in situ. Will states that a publication is intended by "M. Sabeh, conservateur du Musee de Damas" in a work on the "sculpture hauranaise". He also gives the inscription as "D(eo) I(nvicto) S(oli)".

The publication may be: Joseph Sabeh, "Sculptures palmyréniennes inédites du musée de Damas", Annales Archéologiques de Syrie 3 (1953) 17-26.

CIMRM entry

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