CIMRM 905 - Two Samian-ware vessels with Mithraic reliefs. Vienne, France.

From: Pro Alesia 1907-8 p.202 pl. XXVIII via

The plate, as given in BATH.

A plan of the excavations at Mont Auxois, from BATH.

CIMRM entry

PA = M. le Commandant Espérandieu, "Le vase Mithraique", Pro Alesia. Revue mensuelle des fouilles d'Alesia et des questions relatives à Alesia. 1907-8 issue online here, p.203 f. and pl.XXVIII.

This states that fragments of two pottery vessels in red Samian ware were found, containing Mithraic reliefs. On two of the fragments, which seem to come from a large plate, is a depiction of one of the dadophores in the costume and pose which is commonly found. The relief is 0.09m long. It was made in a mould, but the right hand and torch were added manually later.

The second vessel, of which key portions were found, was restored by the workshop of the "Musée de Saint Germain". The relief has been made very skillfully on the "barbotine" (?). It shows a tauroctony within a border of foliage. Mithras is in the usual position, the scorpion, snake and dog are in their usual places. The serpent is slender and with mouth open. Cautes and Cautopates are present, smaller than Mithras, whose torso is disproportionately long.

BATH = Bulletin archeologique du Comite des Travaux historiques et scientifiques. 1908 volume is online here. On p.166 appears the same account of the find at Mont Auxois. A plate of the plate is here; as is a plan of the excavations at Mont Auxois.

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