Gallery of images from Vermaseren's "Mithras: the secret god"

Vermaseren's popular paperback, "Mithras: the secret god" is widely referenced online, as are the line-drawings that illustrated it. There is a very long excerpt here. Unfortunately the images are not identified by Vermaseren, other than in general terms. Probably his publisher pointed out that it was for a general readership. However it would be helpful to be able to check the claims made. The following table includes the image, the legend given in the online page (the numbers are different from that of the paper publication), and the CIMRM number. More will be added as they are identified.

Fig.1. Coin with with bull-slayer from Tarsus, minted in the reign of Gordian III.CIMRM 27
Fig.2. A Shepherd, witness at the birth of MithrasCIMRM 1301
Fig.3. Mithras on horseback hunting in a forest of CypressesCIMRM 1289.
Fig.5. Meal of the MithrasCIMRM 1896
Fig.6. Three heads with Phrygian caps set in a pine treeCIMRM 1247
Fig.7. Mithras in a treeLeft-hand one is CIMRM 1283 (top right panel); right-hand one is CIMRM 1083
Fig.8. Mithras at birth with globe in handCIMRM 1283
Fig.9. Saturn sitting on a rock, a knife in his right handCIMRM 1247
Fig.10. Fragment of relief with MithrasCIMRM 1283
Fig.11. Mithras catching the bullCIMRM 1283
Fig.12. Mithras dragging away the bullCIMRM 1283
Fig.13. Mithras riding on a bullCIMRM ??
Fig.14. Mithras with bow and arrowCIMRM 1301
Fig.15. Relief of the bull in a boat above the bull in a houseCIMRM ??
Fig.16. Mithras on horseback holding a lasso in his left handCIMRM ??
Fig.17. Relief, possibly portraying the young Mithras before SaturnCIMRM 1579
Fig.18. Oceanus surrounded by nymphsCIMRM ??
Fig.19. Mithras with bow and arrow on horsebackCIMRM ??
Fig.20. Mithras approaching SolCIMRM ??
Fig.21. Mithras confers the accoladeCIMRM ??
Fig.22. Sol kneeling in front of MithrasCIMRM ??
Fig.23. Mithras and Sol on either side of an altarCIMRM ??
Fig.24. Mithras and Sol at the sacred mealCIMRM 1083(reverse)
Fig.25. Mithras and SolCIMRM 49
Fig.26. Mithras in a chariot ascending into heavenCIMRM ??
Fig.27. Cautopates with torch pointing downward and holding a key.CIMRM 1173
Fig.28. Zervan, encircled by a snakeCIMRM 543
Fig.29. Statue of the Time-god at Castel GandolfoCIMRM 326
Fig.30. Representation of the initiation into the mysteriesCIMRM ??
Fig.31. A second representation of the initiation into the mysteriesCIMRM ??
Fig.32. A third representation of the initiation into the mysteriesCIMRM ??
Fig.33. Lion above a mixing vessel; CautesCIMRM ??
Fig.34. Mithras cutting cornCIMRM 1247
Symbols of the RavenCIMRM ??
Symbols of the BrideCIMRM ??
Symbols of the SoldierCIMRM ??
Symbols of the LionCIMRM ??
Symbols of the PersianCIMRM ??
Symbols of the Courier of the SunCIMRM ??
Symbols of the FatherCIMRM ??
Fig.35. Gem showing a Mithraic scene CIMRM ??
Fig.36. Terra sigillata pot with a representation of MithrasCIMRM 908C1
Fig.37. Mithras as bull slayerCIMRM 1893-1894

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