CIMRM Supplement - Silver box and strainer. Walbrook Mithraeum, London, Britain.

See also: CIMRM 810-811 Tauroctony; 812 Cloaked figure; 813 Oceanus; 814 Mithraeum; 815 Mithras head; 816 Cautopates fragment; 817 Torso of deity; 818 Serapis head + 2 hands; 819 Circular plaque; 820 Minerva head; 821 Mercury statuette; 822-823 Dionysius, Silenus statue; 824 Sandstone bowl; 825 Inscription; 826 Inscription; Supp. Silver box + strainer; Pottery; Lead bull;

Silver box and strainer. "The silver box with infuser for use during ritual ceremonies". "A circular silver box and strainer, found in the temple, may have been used during either Mithraic or Bacchic rituals..." From:Museum of London.

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