CIMRM Supplement - Mummy funerary inscription of priest of Mithra. Schöyen collection. From Egypt.

An inscription from a mummy, indicating the body was a priest of Mithra.

Probably the Persian rather than the Roman deity: a couple of temples of Persian Mithra did exist in Egypt after the Persian conquest.1

1J.R. Harris, "Mithras at Hermopolis and Memphis", in: Archaeological Research in Roman Egypt (1996) p.169: "References to a mithraion in two papyrus fragments of the 3rd c. B.C. have little to do with this[the Mithraic cult], as Wilcken instinctively recognised, and even assuming the temple (or temples), wherever located, survived over half a millennium, rebuilding or adaptation for Roman mithraic purposes is altogether unlikely. The same may also apply, I suspect, to the temple at Alexandria, the destruction of which is described in patristic sources, in terms that suggest a substantial and more-or-less public building. This is not the occasion to speculate as to the nature, in Egypt, of the pre-Roman cult, but simply to note that there is some evidence that it continued in parallel.".

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