CIMRM Supplement - Mithraeum. Lucciana / Mariana, Corsica, France

Philippe Chapon, head of excavation, in the centre (in blue), in the interior of the nave. From: Corse-Matin. Photo by Xavier Grimaldi.

Overview of excavations around the church of La Canonica.

Aerial view of the site. By Denis Gliksman - Inrap

Fragments of the tauroctony. By Denis Gliksman - Inrap

Bronze bell. By Denis Gliksman - Inrap

In February 2017 a new Mithraeum was discovered during excavations for a new road at the Roman site of Mariana, at Lucciana in Corsica, near the church of La Canonica. The remains of a tauroctony were found in three pieces in the cult chamber, which had the two benches as usual on either side. The oil lamps found give a date of the 3rd century AD. The site was destroyed and burned in the 4th or 5th century, and became a rubbish dump.

From the article in Corse-Matin:

From the IBTimes report:

It is intended to create a Roman museum at Mariana, and the discovery may cause the road to be diverted.

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