CIMRM Supplement - Album Sacratorum. Virunum, Germany


The image is reproduced by Ales Chalupa1 from G. Piccottini.2

A bronze tablet, discovered in 1992 in excavations at Zollfeld, near Klagenfurt, formerly Municipium Claudium Virunum. The tablet is 88.5 x 58.5 cms in size. Reference: AE 1994, c. 1334. It lists the members of the Mithraeum and their grades.

The main text reads as follows:

D(eo) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) pro salute imp(eratoris) [ [Commodi] ] Aug(usti) pii
Qui templum vii conlapsum impendio suo restituerunt
et mortalitat(is) causa convener(unt)
Marullo et Aeliano co(n)s(ulibus) VI K(alendas) Iulias

The "Qui" refers to the list of names below. The name of Commodus has been erased. The date given is 182 A.D.


Tiberius Claudius Quintilianus ob dedicationem templi tabulam
aeream donum dedit et camaram picturis exornavit

1Ales Chalupa, Mithraistické album z Viruna a jeho vyznam pro studium mithraismu / Mithraic Album from Virunum and Its Importance for the Study of Mithraism in: "Religio: Revue pro religionistiku" 14/2, 2006, 243-258.
2G. Piccottini, Mithrastempel in Virunum, Klagenfurt: Verlag des Geschichtsvereines für Kärnten 1994.

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