CIMRM Supplement - Relief of Mithras and Sol with rosettes. Lopodunum/Ladenburg, Germany.

From: Flickr. By Carole Radatto, June 2013.

Modern reproduction and recolouring. From Flickr. By Carole Radatto, June 2013.

Plate with fish and six loaves. From Flickr. By Carole Radatto, June 2013.

See also CIMRM 1275, another monument from Ladenburg / Lopodonum.

The Lobdengau-Museum, Ladenburg (a suburb of Heidelberg), in Germany, contains a number of Mithraic items not listed in CIMRM. I have been unable to find any useful information about these finds, or where they come from, or when.

Carole Radatto has photographed those on this page and describes the main relief and the plate thus:

Roger Beck writes, in Mithraism since Franz Cumont, p.2038:

Manfred Clauss writes, in The Roman cult of Mithras, p.110-111:


  • E. Schwertheim, Die Denkmaler orientalischer Gottheiten im römischen Deutschland, mit Ausnahme der ägyptischen Gottheiten. EPRO 40. Leiden. 1974.

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