CIMRM Supplement - Tauroctony relief, S. Maria Capua Vetere, Italy.

By Carole Raddato. From: Flickr.

This image was found online. The relief is said to be from the Mithraeum at Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Not listed by Vermaseren.

Mithras is depicted stabbing the bull as usual, while looking back over his shoulder. The snake and dog jump up to lick the blood, while the scorpion grasps the genitals. Cautes stands to the right, lifting up his torch, while Cautopates stands to the left, with torch pointing down. Top left is a bust of Sol, wearing a rayed crown. One ray of the crown extends towards Mithras. The raven stands on something - possibly the outcrop of the cave - in front of Sol. Top right is a bust of Luna with a crescent on her head.

There seems to be no use of the drill for eyes, so the relief is presumably 2nd century.

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