CIMRM Supplement - Stolen freestanding tauroctony. Tarquinia/Vulci, Italy.

From: MiBAC.

From here.
From here.
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3rd century freestanding tauroctony, whose discovery was announced in March 2015 by Italian police. They discovered it in a van, under a tarpaulin, and camouflaged behind plants. The intention was to smuggle it to Switzerland. Thought to be from an unknown site in the area of Tarquinia or Vulci, and worth 8 million euros. When found it had earthy "accretions" indicating that it had been found by illegal excavation.

See this link.

From MiBAC, 27th March, 2015:

See also Roma Republica article.

My thanks to Ste Trombetti for drawing my attention to all this material.

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