CIMRM Supplement - Mithraeum. Alba Iulia, Romania

From: Princeton.

A 2nd/3rd century Mithraeum, discovered during rescue archaeology in the northern "municipium" of Alba Iulia (ancient Apulum). The site is to be excavated during 2013 by a team from Princeton University.

Apulum was the base of the legionary fortress of the Legio XIII Gemina, commanded in the early 180's by Marcus Valerius Maximianus, connected to other Mithraic temples elsewhere. A 'cannabae' grew up outside the walls, which eventually became a 'municipium', and a separate Roman colony was established to the south. There may have been three Mithraea in the northern site.1

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1C.M.Daniels, "The Roman army and the spread of Mithraism", in John Hinnells (ed), Mithraic Studies I, p.254.

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