CIMRM Supplement - Mithraeum. Kempraten, Switzerland.

Image of walls, perhaps the Mithraeum? From: Zürichsee-Zeitung.

The 1.1m high altar of the Mithras cult. From

Article by Hans Jakob Becker, 28th August 2015.1

The site was presented to visitors by the Canton archaeologists Martin Schindler and Regula Ackermann. The excavation director is Hannes Fluck, and trainee archaeologist Sarah Lo Russo showed them around. The kilns were 6m high, and the stone came across the lake.

An exhibition of finds is scheduled for November.

Update: a new article in, "Heiligtum des Mithras-Kults in Kempraten SG entdeckt", 10 March 2016. "The Mithraeum, used in the 3-4th c. AD and now rediscovered, was a rectangular building with mortared foundation walls and a wooden superstructure, with a shingled roof. It stood away from the village, directly on the lake-side. ... Numerous ceramic and soapstone fragments have been found, which originate from use in cult banquets. Animal bones discovered show that poultry especially was eaten. Further evidence of the cult found are rock crystals, boar tusks, clay balls, and many coins. The stone altar fragments are inscribed, and there is part of a sandstone cult image of a larger-than-life Mithras. The finds will now be cleaned, labelled, inventoried, and carefully packaged. The goal is a scholarly evaluation and publication."

1My thanks to Csaba Szabó for telling me about this one.
2Translation by RP using Google Translate.

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