CIMRM Supplement - Bronze Tauroctony sold at Christies in 2002.

Note the unusual position of the head, looking forward rather than over his shoulder; and the hand raised rather than driving the dagger in.

Christie's catalogue entry.

Sale 1163, lot 258. Sold for $28,680. 12 December 2002, New York.

Site states: "A Roman bronze Mithras Tauroctonos. Ca. 3rd century A.D. The god depicted astride the bull, kneeling with his left knee at the center of the bull's back, his right foot resting on the animal's splayed right hind-leg, the fingers of his left hand over the bull's mouth, yanking its head back acutely in order to reveal the jugular vein, his right arm lifted back preparing to strike with his now-missing dagger, the god clad in his characteristic Phrygian cap, Persian costume and billowing cape. 6.5 in. (16.5 cm) long. From F.J. Marx Collection, prior to 1970; then German Private Collection.

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