34 Illiad, v. 385.

35 Illiad, xviii. 411.

36 Illiad, iii. 243. Lord Derby's translation is used in extracts from the Illiad.

37 The mss.. read "small," but the true reading is doubtless "tall."

38 Illiad, i. 528

39 Odyss., viii. 324.

40 Meursius proposed to read, "at Agra."

41 The beams of Sol or the Sun is an emendation of Potter's. The mss. read "the Elean Augeas."

42 Odyss., xix. 163.

43 So Liddell and Scott. Commentators are generally agreed that the epithet is an obscene one, though what its precise meaning is they can only conjecture.

44 An obscene epithet, derived from xoi=roj, a sow, and qli/bw, to press.

45 Hesiod, Works and Days, 1. i. 250.

46 Illiad, iv. 48.

47 Plutarch, xx.

48 Illiad, iii. 33.

49 If we read xarie/steron, this is the only sense that can be put on the words. But if we read xaristh/rion, we may translate "a memorial of gratified lust."