44 These lines are translated as arranged by Grotius, who differs in some parts from the text.

45 e0f' oi[ij, is substituted by Lowth for a# in the text.

46 druw=n, a probable conjecture of Gataker for the reading of the text, daimo/nwn.

47 a0nqrw/pou supplied by Lowth.

48 [Again the spiritualizing of incense.]

49 [This is extraordinary language in Clement, whose views of Gentilism are so charitable. Possibly it is mere pleasantry, though he speaks of idolatry only. He recognises the divine institution of sacrifice, elsewhere.]

50 yuxh/, animal life.

51 i.e., in the institution of the scape-goat.

52 Or, of water. For instead of u9likh=j in the text, it is proposed to read u9datikhj.

53 [Again, for the Gospel-day, he spiritualizes the incense of the Law.]

54 Consult Matt. iii. 11; Luke iii. 16; Heb. iv. 12. [See what is said of the philosophic e0kpu/rwsij (book v. cap. i. p. 446, supra, this volume) by our author. These passages bear on another theological matter, of which see Kaye, p. 466.]

55 [See useful note of Kaye, p. 309.]

56 Ps. cxix. 164.

57 [It is hardly needful to say that our author means "not merely in a specified place," etc. See p. 290, supra, as to time and place.]

58 [See p. 200, this volume; also, infra, this chapter, p. 537.]

59 Ps. cxix. 66.

60 [Pious men have been strict in their conduct when quite alone, from a devout conviction of the presence of angelic guardians.]

61 [1 Sam. i. 13. See this same chapter, infra, p. 535.]

62 [This is variously explained. It seems to refer to some change of position in Christian assemblies, at the close of worship or in ascriptions of praise.]

63 [See, supra, cap. vii. note 8, p. 532.]

64 [The third, sixth, and ninth hours were deemed sacred to the three persons of the Trinity, respectively. Also they were honoured as the hours of the beginning, middle, and close of our Lord's passion.]

65 [Of these , see ed. Migne, ad locum.]

66 According to Heinsius' reading, who substitutes a0ponenemhme/h| for a0ponenemhme/nw|.

67 [Christians adopted this habit at an early period, on various grounds, as will hereafter appear in this series.]

68 Ps. cxli. 2.

69 [Jas. iv. 3.]

70 [See, supra, this chapter, p. 533, note i.]

71 [supra, p. 535, also note 1 p. 534.]

72 Rom. viii. 26.