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Dr. Holmes' Note

Dr. Holmes' Note

Dr. Holmes appends the following as a note to the Fourth Book. (See cap. vi. p 351)

The following statement, abridged from Dr. Lardner (The History of Heretics, chap. x. secs. 35-40), may be useful to the reader, in reference to the subject of the preceding Book:-Marcion received but eleven books of the New Testament, and these strangely curtailed and altered. He divided them into two parts, which he called to\ Eu0agge/lion (the Gospel) and to\ 'Apostoliko/n (the Apostolicon).

6. To show the unauthorized and unwarrantable character of these alterations, omissions, additions, and corruptions, the Catholic Christians asserted that their copies of St. Luke's Gospel were more ancient than Marcion's (so Tertullian in chap. iii. and iv. of this Book iv.); and they maintained also the genuineness and integrity of the unadulterated Gospel, in opposition to that which had been curtailed and altered by him (chap. v.).

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