164 Si. This is Oehler's reading, who takes "si" to be = "an." But perhaps "sis" (= "si vis"), which is Fr. Junius' correction, is better: "Come, now, let us, if you please, give a general sketch of her mien and habit."

165 Pura; perhaps "smooth."

166 Compare with this singular feature, Isa. xxxvii. 22.

167 i.e., as Rigaltius (Referred to by Oehler), explains, after the two visions of angels who appears to him and said, "Arise and eat." See 1 Kings xix. 4-13. [It was the fourth, but our author having mentioned two, inadvertently calls it the third, referring to the "still small voice," in which Elijah saw His manifestation.]

168 One is finite, the other infinite.

169 Obsequii.

170 And thus getting a place in their wills

171 i.e. professional "diners out." Comp. Phil. iii. 19.

172 See-A Plain Commentary on the Four Gospels, intended chiefly for Devotional Reading. Oxford, 1854. Also (Vol. I. p. 28) Philadelphia, 1855.

173 See Opp. Tom. xi. p. 657. Ed. Migne.