72 [Comp. book i. 19, vii. 29; Homilies 1. 22, xiii. 4.-R..]

73 1 Cor x. 20.

74 [On the demonology of this work see book iv. 15-19; comp. Homily IX. 8-22.-R.]

1 [The larger part of book iii, has no direct parallel in the Homilies though, of course, many of the views presented are given in the latter under different circumstances.-R.]

2 Matt. vii. 6.

3 Chaps ii.-xii. are wanting in the mss.. of best authority, and it seems to us indisputable that they form no part of the original work For this reason, and because we have found them utterly untranslatable, we have ommitted them.

4 [Comp Homily XVII. 2 for a similar accusation made by Simon.-R.]

5 Matt. x. 26.

6 Luke viii 5 [Comp. Matt. xiii. 3, etc.; Mark iv. 3, etc.-R.]

7 [In Homily XIX. the discussion with Simon is respecting the existence of the evil one. Here the treatment is apparently of a higher philosophical character.-R.]

8 Matt. vi. 33.

9 [Comp. Homilies XI. 8, XIX. 15 But in the Recognitions this topic is more frequently treated. See chap. 26, and elsewhere.

10 [Comp. Homily XIX. 12. The argument here is far more philosophical.-R.]

11 [Comp. Homily XIX. 15.-R.]

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