8 a0po\ khdei/aj, Num. v.

9 lit. "faith of," al. "the gift of."

10 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "have more power to lead by the hand than the archetypes."

11 al. "afar."

12 al. "hindrances."

13 e0pi\ th=| e0nergei/a|, al. "at the coming down."

14 lu/ei.

15 al. "teach."

16 al. "lay in wait."

17 i.e. the manifest hopelessness of his being able to go down first into the pool.

18 e0na/rka.

19 al. "the kind."

20 al. "worth."

21 Morel and ms. in Bodl. "but hear also the explanation, for this we will now say for love of you. What then," &c.

22 a0rgi/aj.

23 trufa=|n.

24 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "therefore I have done that which remained to do, I have encompassed (or clothed) you with labors and toils."

25 al. "thoughtest thou."

26 Some mss. read, "was it then meet to work without toil? yea," &c.

27 i.e. during the abode in Paradise.

28 or, "releases."

1 al. "held by."

2 or, "throw him down."

3 lit. "the tragedy."

4 al. "endurance."

5 al. "and go to thine house."

6 e@sfigce.

7 i.e. not by real eating, a9plw=j.

8 The reference seems to be to Luke viii. 55.

9 fantasioko/poj.

10 Morel. and mss. read, "as He did in the case of the blind men, (Matt. ix. 28,) saying, `Believe ye, 0' "&c.

11 Morel. and ms. in Bodl read, "for having heard that with authority, and as one commanding, He said to him, `Arise, 0' "&c.

12 Morel and ms. "who had commanded, `Arise, 0' "&c.

13 Morel and ms. "accusing, as the Evangelist shows by what follows, saying, `And on the same day was the Sabbath. The Jews therefore said unto him that was cured, It is the Sabbath day, it is not lawful, 0' "&c.

14 al. "not only disregarded."

15 lit. "theater."

16 see p. 132.

17 e0ce/klinen e0ce/neusen, G. T. and Mor.

18 i.e. that which Jesus did.

19 al. "pain."

20 e0pa/|dontoj.

1 Sav. omits "because we are sensible of the infirmity."

2 al. "learn."

3 Ben. and ms. in Bodl. read the passage thus: "For the chastisement was of itself sufficient...but when not being sobered by the application of punishment, he again dares the same things, such an one will reasonably suffer some penalty, calling this as he does upon his own self."

4 al. "have been punished here."

5 al. "at this."

6 e0fo/dion gi/gnetai. So Euseb. H. E. viii. 10, e0f. th=j ei\j th\n zwh\n ei0so/dou .

7 lit. "there."

8 al. "from loose living," r9aqumi/aj.

9 See p. 129.

10 al. "from another reason."

11 al. "chased thence by all."

12 a0prosw/pwj, i.e. not referring to Himself.

13 sfi/gcai.

14 al. "proofs."

15 i0diazo/ntwj.

16 Jericho was taken on the seventh day by command of God. Josh. vi. 4, 15.

17 lit. "weldeth." sugkrotei=. Sav. conjectures sugkratei=, but the word is not uncommon for holding together a system.

18 ei0j kli/banon, G. T.