19 Matt. xii.

20 pra=gma.

21 th=j au0th=j gnw/mhj a0po/fasi/j, i.e. in saying that He was making Himself "equal to the Father," the Evangelist asserts a truth which had before been signified by His breaking the Sabbath, and saying that God was His Father.

22 al. "given."

23 lit. "to clench."

24 i.e. nothing by Himself.

25 al. "testifies."

26 a0negxwrehton.

27 to\ apara/llakton.

28 gnw/mhj.

29 'Ekei=noj, G. T.

30 Morel. and ms. in Bodl., "that the `likewise 0' (to\ o9moi/wj) may remain."

31 kaqufei\j.

32 a0gnw/mosi.

33 al. "heal."

34 e0nergei/an

35 dia/plasin.

36 lit. "Greeks."

37 th=j ou@shj sub. o9dou=.

38 i.e. as well as of earthly things.

1 bebhlou=ntai.

2 th\n fu/sin a@pasan.

3 al. "since men being benefited are not so sensible of it, He saith `hath given all judgment to 0' Him, in order that," &c.

4 al. "to punish and honor all whomsoever He will."

5 al. "all things which belong to the Father, belong also to the Son."

6 parallagh/n.

7 al. "high Birth."

8 a0khra/tw|.

9 oi0konomi/aj tino\j.

10 al. "folly."

11 al. "Besides."

12 dia\ mesi/tou.

13 to\n ai@tion.

14 no/son.

15 For from their extreme senselessness He was counted among them an enemy of God. Morel.

16 al. "not that He might by this show any lessening," &c.

17 al. "absolute power."

18 kirna=, generally of mixing wine with water.

19 al. "correcting."

20 paxu/tera.

21 Morel. reads: "for this reason He doth not decline to use a more earthly expression, declaring," &c.

22 to/te.

23 su\ le/geij, G. T.

24 Morel. reads: "He spake those great things in words, afterwards He desireth to prove them by works also."

25 al. "truth."

26 1 Thess. iv. 16 [not verbally quoted].

27 to\ a0para/llakton kai\ e9ni\ mo/nw| th\n diafora\n e0mfai=non.

28 a@nw kai\ ka/tw.

29 tou/tw|.

30 As in our Auth. Version.

31 tou=to, G. T.

32 pa/ntej, G. T.

33 ta\ me/rh.

34 gennai/wj.

35 dikasth/rion.