36 ta; ejk tou' bivou.

37 tou\ Patro\j, G. T.

38 sfi/gcaj.

39 al. "even thus too gross."

40 al. "shamelessness."

41 al. "I am [He] who judge."

42 parhllagme/non.

43 So Morel. and ms. in Bodl. Savile reads, "having shown that they," &c.

44 According to Savile's conjectural reading, para\ to\ tou= P. in place of para\ tou= P. for which there is also ms. authority.

45 al. "each sentence."

46 e0ke/rase.

47 al. "brings forward."

48 kataskeua/zei.

49 e0k proxei/rou.

50 katorqwma/twn.

51 to/te.

52 e@petai.

1 lit. "consequence."

2 i0diw/mata.

3 Savile reads, "and to the Jews, How say ye," &c.

4 al. "let us see then with what intent these words were said."

5 su\ marturei=j, G. T.

6 al. "ever."

7 al. with the addition "to their," &c.

8 al. "in every way."

9 o9rma=n, al. xwrei=n.

10 Morel. reads, "'all but conclusively refuting them by what He saith."

11 xa/riti.

12 al. "showing that."

13 clause omitted in Ben.

14 eu0koli/an.

15 al. "nearer."

16 This passage is read variously in Ben. and ms. but without any variety of meaning.

17 lu/xnon.

18 a0ntidiastolh\n.

19 al. "reaches."

20 a0pe/steile [a0pe/stalke, G. T.].

21 filosofei=n.

22 e0n e0moi\ o9 Path\r, ka0gw\ e0n au0tw=|, G. T.

23 al. "the Prophets said."

24 al. "said."

25 al. "deems worthy of mention,"

26 The latter words heard at the Transfiguration.

27 al. "teach."

28 al. "believe."

29 e0nteu/qen.

30 al. "they would have disbelieved them."

31 al. "of the Spirit."

32 e0mporiko\j.

33 al. "for Paul has said," &c.

34 or, "revolted," a0na/staton.

35 ou0 du/nasqe, G. T.

36 al. "stand."

37 to/te.

38 al. "shall."

39 al. "almsgiving and a clear conscience."