3 "do nothing," N. T.

4 fe/rwn kai\ a@gwn.

5 i.e. to The Father.

6 Savile connects these words with the clause preceding: with this reading it is difficult to see the sense of the clause which follows. The Bened. reading is as rendered above. The reference may be to c. vii. 33, 35.

7 The Tephillim.

1 e0ptoh=sqai.

2 some omit "openly."

3 Sav. "Gently and by help of the Law He casts them down."

4 or, "forgive."

5 This reading is from a Vatican ms. which has ei0 mh;. Savile's is not grammatical. Ben. reads. "Then desiring to show that if they were not slaves, by repudiating that former slavery they were slaves the more, He straightway added."

6 xwrei=te.

7 "seen with," N. T.

8 kata\ proai/resin.

9 "a man that hath," N. T.

10 "of God," N. T

11 "because there is no truth in him," omitted.

12 al. "be murderously minded."

13 al. "are murderously minded."

14 i.e. that this assertion of theirs being false is from the devil.

15 i.e. cannot understand.

16 i.e. that God was their Father.

17 i.e. "from God."

18 al. "empty."

19 i.e. at the Kingdom.

20 al. "these present things."

1 i0tamo\n.

2 a0kolouqi/an.

3 "My Father that," Ben.

4 al. "insult."

5 al. "gone forth."